Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main aim for Yamsoft?

We are constantly aiming at providing our clients with the best service possible. Therefore, understanding all you need to expand your business, we resolve any issue and overcome obstacles for you at any time.

What does IAM mean?

IAM stands for Identity & Access Management. The identity management ensures that the right people and job roles in your organization (identities) can access the tools needed to do their jobs.

Will I see the immediate SEO effects?

In general, it takes approximately half of a year to start experiencing improvements in your SERPs.

Why do I need a client-side security?

Client-side security relies on trust in the user: trust that the user has no ill intention, will make no mistakes, nor has the skill to attack. If the web application designers trust the user implicitly, no security is required. There are many practices for client side security. Our experts will definitely choose the best ones for you.

How does Yamsoft keep pace with new solutions worldwide?

All our experts are completely experienced in what they do every day. We are constantly exploring new technologies and solutions worldwide to make our clients even more satisfied.